Bms Vs Corporate

"Boutique marketing firms find creative ways to do it all for less."

It’s tempting for big corporations to imagine that it takes a big marketing agency to handle their complex needs. Yet, big agencies can fall prey to inefficiency and inflexibility. Often, it is harder to find out who is accountable for a particular aspect of your project when it’s been broken down into many different pieces and farmed out to many different employees, as big agencies often do. With a small business a handful of people are doing it all. Smaller agencies work with fewer clients to give you the individualized attention you need. If you want something changed, a boutique marketing company can quickly adapt since the chain of command is much more direct. You also have more flexibility to pick and choose which services you want, rather than signing up for a package that contains many items you don’t feel you want or need.

Keep in mind that big marketing agencies have big overheads. They are fully staffed with salaried employees who require vacation time, health care and benefits. They work in big offices with expensive rents and costly utilities. You’re not paying to connect with the agency secretary when you call me you’re speaking directly with the CEO.

"A small company has no room for the Monday blues. Everyone is expected to give 110 percent. Passion roars through our hallways and weaves its way around the office, forcing us all to remain deeply connected. Most importantly, passion is what keeps us standing strong during our most challenging days. A small team feels every nook, bump and curve in the road and they feel it together. Our passion is our compass. Our passion is how we control our destiny.”

xoxo Karen